The EMUSIC-L Jukebox

Once upon a time, before MP3s became ubiquitous and streaming audio became a possibility, I floated the idea of an EMUSIC-L “jukebox” – links to music by the members of the list.
I’m still considering the possibility; ibiblio has lots of disk space and bandwidth, and it’s no longer a problem for people to either encode or decode their music.
Since I’m investing my own time here, I’d be picking and choosing the music. Recommendations and pointers are certainly welcome, but the last say will be mine.
We won’t get into freedom of speech or equal access or favoritism here; I’m doing the work, so I make the rules. Simple.
Watch this space; if and when I get this underway, I’ll post “Crossing the Horizon” notes for new stuff added, and you’ll see a new link in the sidebar.

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