Different Skies: T -2:05:29

I’ll be attending the Different Skies festival this year as a performer. This will be my first public performance on keyboards. Gulp.

I’m still doing my last minute planning – I’ve finalized the gear, gotten the software I want to use ready, and have made lists of the stuff to actually be packed and taken. I haven’t actually done any packing yet, but at least I know what I’m taking.

Gearwise, I’ll be exhibiting my simultaneous impulses to Luddism and bleeding-edge: the SD-1 and Vortex on the Luddite side – pretty much unchanged since 1993; and the Presonus Firebox, wildly-assorted AU and VST plugins, host programs, and software I haven’t even quite finished writing yet on the neophile side.

Haven’t yet decided whether to try getting the didjeridoo and dumbek in somehow or not; possibly the dumbek, and I might see if the didj will fit in the keyboard’s SKB case since it will be being handled by fellow musicians instead of airport baggage handlers.

Oh yeah, clothes, shoes, etc. Sure. I am going to pick up most of my personal stuff at the far end rather than dork with plastic bags and 1-oz bottle stupidity.

More updates as we get closer to the day.

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