@differentskies on Twitter

We’re trying an experiment this year for Different Skies: the @differentskies Twitter ID will be used by all the participants to do updates during the week.

Normally we have a lot of different blog entries that generally end up getting written at the end of the day or even a day or so later – a lot happens at a Different Skies!

Having the one Twitter ID to watch saves everyone from having to chew up Twitter real estate on a #differentskies hashtag.

It will be interesting to see if everyone’s too busy even to use Twitter.

2 comments to @differentskies on Twitter

  • E. C. Skins

    Guys…thats a great idea. Can we get an update of what went down??

  • I’ll post a real update soon – should have done so a while back, but I was in the middle of a job search (over now thank goodness). Summary – a very different Different Skies this year – much more jazz-inflected (even a cover of “A Love Supreme”).

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