Different Skies 2010: prepping

I’ve sent in my fee, so I’m definitely in this year. I’m probably going to drive rather than fly this year, simply because the process of flying has gotten to be so little fun (and so little rest) that driving 12 hours seems like a lot better deal.

I’ll also have the option of passing through Barstow on the way for a tiny Harry Partch moment, though I won’t be hitchhiking.

I’ve been practicing piano (as opposed to synth) technique over the last few months, and I can say that I am now thoroughly spoiled. I got out the SD-1 to record a track for the NTNS 100th release, and found that the spring-back of the keys was just Not The Same as a real hammer action. Trying to find an alternative keyboard that sounds good, won’t break the bank, has hammer action, and can be moved by one person. A tall order there…

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