@differentskies on Twitter

We’re trying an experiment this year for Different Skies: the @differentskies Twitter ID will be used by all the participants to do updates during the week.

Normally we have a lot of different blog entries that generally end up getting written at the end of the day or even a day or so [...]

WordPress 2.7

I’ve upgraded to version 2.7 – less painful than usual. I’m planning to try out the new features that will let me post faster – perhaps I’ll post more that way.

Recovering from being hacked

So the site will look a little funny for a while, and links mey be broken. Teach ME not to log in every day and update WP the instant a new release is out.

Inline MP3s

I’ve added a new WordPress plugin that will let me inline a player with MP3 links. Here’s a sample of a noise piece I made a while back using Thonk: Joe McMahon – An Ocean of Liquid Helium - click on the little speaker icon following the link to play the track.


I’ve started going through the various subpages in the site, cleaning them up to look better (all fixed text is so retro), and fixing lots of broken links. First up is the MIDI spec pages; I’ll be converting them over the next few weeks to look much better than they do [...]


I think Blosxom is finally sorted out, so all the links at the bottom of the entries should work now. I’m hoping to be able to get some of the plugins working as well soon.

[This was seriously wishful thinking. Things didn't get better till I switched to WordPress. -JM 6/07]


We recovered one of the “lost” back issues of EMUSIC-L from back in 1991. It’s a pretty nice set of disquisitions about proper grounding, referring back to Metlay’s description of the original Team Metlay session and the technical groundings (so to speak) thereof.Anybody out there who has more of the EMUSIC-L digests from the [...]