The Avant-Garde Project

The Avant-Garde project is “a series of recordings of 20th-century classical-experimental-electroacoustic music digitized from LPs whose music has in most cases never been released on CD, and so is effectively inaccessible to the vast majority of music listeners today.”Some wonderful stuff that’s just not available any other way. It’s being released via BitTorrent (though [...]

77 Million Paintings

Those of you who’ve read my postings on EMUSIC-L and have followed this blog have probably noted that I’m a big fan of generative art: ambient music, installation pieces, and so on.

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Brian Eno has just released 77 Million Paintings; a DVD of generative art accompanied by music. You can see [...]

Subbotnick classics available

I’ve been looking for Silver Apples of the Moon and Sidewinder for a long time; how pleasant to find out that you can buy them from Subotnick himself via Applesand The Wild Bull are available on a single CD, with Sidewinder and Until Spring (which I’ve not yet heard) on another (update: available [...]

Roger Reynolds at LOC now up

The Library of Congress’s site featuring the music of Roger Reynolds is an outstanding example of what such an organization can do. The site shows the depth of the Library’s holding in a particular are, covering everything from Reynolds’ music to photographs of the composer.

Reynolds has a close working relationship with the LOC; [...]

The David Tudor website

Full of fascinating ideas about Tudor’s performance style, diagrams of some of the beautiful “scores”, and a lovely, lovely page of the wonderful tangles of electronics he and his collaborators have used. The story about setting the house speakers afire was particularly fun.

Crossing the Horizon: Elaine Walker / Chaos Melody Theory

Elaine Walker has done some interesting stuff with iterated function systems, mapping points in both the real line and the complex plane to melodies. Melodies that almost but don’t quite repeat, and which vector off at strange angles from your expectations. Hynotic minimalist metallic sculptures. What Philip Glass might sound like if he came [...]