DS 2008 Review

I wasn’t able to catch the concert live, but my laptop recorded it for me with Audio Hijack Pro – quite good for this kind of thing, by the way.

Listening later, this was quite an interesting DS. The choice to go for more long-form pieces led to stuff that was considerably more complex; [...]

Different Skies 2008 begins

Just got the first mails from folks at this year’s Different Skies. There are a lot of new faces this year; should be a very interesting year. Allen Goodman will be broadcasting on StillStream this week; I’m looking forward to hearing what comes out of the group this year.

I decided not to go [...]

Different Skies: Day 7 and the last

Mostly rested today. Put together the vocal samples for “Everything and Nothing”, Allen’s and my piece … we’ll talk about that later.The concert was a raousing success; technically speaking for me it was a nightmare, The FIREBOX hung repeatedly whenever I brought up any software that tried to talk to it, so when we [...]

Different Skies: T -2:05:29

I’ll be attending the Different Skies festival this year as a performer. This will be my first public performance on keyboards. Gulp.

I’m still doing my last minute planning – I’ve finalized the gear, gotten the software I want to use ready, and have made lists of the stuff to actually be packed and [...]

77 Million Paintings

Those of you who’ve read my postings on EMUSIC-L and have followed this blog have probably noted that I’m a big fan of generative art: ambient music, installation pieces, and so on.

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Brian Eno has just released 77 Million Paintings; a DVD of generative art accompanied by music. You can see [...]

Different Skies 2006

I recorded the Different Skies 2006 concert last Saturday night. Live from Arcosanti, Different Skies is the brainchild of EMUSIC-L’s former co-moderator, Mike Metlay. [Update: a much better moderate-quality recording is available at the 2006 concert page.]

An outgrowth of Metlay’s Team Metlay efforts, Different Skies gets together an international group of musicians each [...]

Live: hey willpower and Amy X. Neuberg

A great evening at The Lab in San Francisco this weekend. I met Tim Walters and his wife Josie (who is an accomplished sculptor) for dinner, and then Tim and I went over to the Lab. To my surprise, we also ran into Tim Thompson, the creator of KeyKit, who I find works round [...]

Futuresonic 04 Festival

Now ongoing in Manchester – Things started up on the 27th, but will keep on going until May 8th, I wish I’d gotten this up a little earlier.

See www.futuresonic.com for more details. It looks like there’ll be some very interesting live events and performers. Joe Zawinul (!); Philip Jeck, whose primary instrument is [...]