Crossing the Horizon: Brian Flanders/Nauseous Youth Future

The blurb on CD Baby reads: “A singing canary being thrown into a helicopter engine, yet still able to sing within the grinding noise of the chopper.” Well, yes. That’s a good summary.

But don’t let this put you off. Dosage combines a real melodic sense (chords! form! modulations! more than one key!) and [...]

Crossing the Horizon: Steve Castellano

Okay, so I’m looking at the Metasonix website, which has the most wonderful selection of hurtful signal processors, including the (perhaps not safe-for-work) Agonizer. And I see a link to this guy Steve Castellano. Having listened to some of the really nasty noises that the Agonizer could make, I figured, hey, I’m on a [...]

Crossing the Horizon: Elaine Walker / Chaos Melody Theory

Elaine Walker has done some interesting stuff with iterated function systems, mapping points in both the real line and the complex plane to melodies. Melodies that almost but don’t quite repeat, and which vector off at strange angles from your expectations. Hynotic minimalist metallic sculptures. What Philip Glass might sound like if he came [...]

The EMUSIC-L Jukebox

Once upon a time, before MP3s became ubiquitous and streaming audio became a possibility, I floated the idea of an EMUSIC-L “jukebox” – links to music by the members of the list. <p> I’m still considering the possibility; ibiblio has lots of disk space and bandwidth, and it’s no longer a problem for people [...]

Crossing the Horizon: Harry Haecker

Harry was one of my favorite folks from EMUSIC-L; enthusiastic, experimental, and always ready to try something new. An idle Google turned up his music page with several pieces available there.I wish MP3′s had been available while EMUSIC-L was running; Harry’s got some fine stuff here. Everything from “Yolobro” (think Kronos Quartet plus Jack [...]

Crossing the Horizon: Deconstructing Eno

It’s amazing what you can run across by accident.In the process of cleaning up some old mail, I came across a reference to the Dartmouth College Electro-Acoustic Music group. Idly looking there, I found MP3′s of a project in which “Triennale” (from Eno’s “The Shutov Assembly”) was reprocessed and reimagined by five students. The results [...]

Crossing the Horizon: David Lee Myers

Longtime readers of EMUSIC-L may remember Arcane Device – the brainchild of David Lee Myers. A visit to Myers’ website is recommended to anyone who’s interested in the artistic potential of feedback. Of particular interest is the diagram describing the basic setup used in the recording of the Resonant Coil CD. His new CD Ourobouros is [...]