Different Skies 2010: T minus 21 days

Having committed early and properly scheduled it, I’m set to play at Different Skies this year. As I mentioned previously, Mike will be taking a couple years off after this year, so it’s kind of a special event.

We’ve had a number of folks who are mainstays have to pull out this year, leaving [...]

Different Skies 2010: prepping

I’ve sent in my fee, so I’m definitely in this year. I’m probably going to drive rather than fly this year, simply because the process of flying has gotten to be so little fun (and so little rest) that driving 12 hours seems like a lot better deal.

I’ll also have the option of [...]

@differentskies on Twitter

We’re trying an experiment this year for Different Skies: the @differentskies Twitter ID will be used by all the participants to do updates during the week.

Normally we have a lot of different blog entries that generally end up getting written at the end of the day or even a day or so [...]

Different Skies audio

Between the two evenings (Friday tech rehearsal and Saturday performance) we’ve got good versions of everything, looks like. That’s excellent.

It was an outstanding year this year.¬†We’re hoping to work out the best way to communicate the Different Skies experience altogether; I have no idea whether it’ll be a DVD, CD , or what [...]

Different Skies: after

I’m currently at the airport, having just finished going through security and having to have my backpack scanned twice; too many confusing electronic bits, I guess.

Load-out took from after the concert and final jams (ten-ish) until about 3AM. We got to experience the weather we might have had: 60 mph winds and [...]

Different Skies: Day 7 and the last

Mostly rested today. Put together the vocal samples for “Everything and Nothing”, Allen’s and my piece … we’ll talk about that later.The concert was a raousing success; technically speaking for me it was a nightmare, The FIREBOX hung repeatedly whenever I brought up any software that tried to talk to it, so when we [...]

Different Skies: Day 6

Rehearsals again; we have the ordered matrix of performance ready now (okay, okay, who’s playing on what, who’s leading, and the song order. Meaning the spreadsheet’s sorted).

The students from the Orme School came by for the “here’s what we do here at Different Skies” demo, which was a load of fun. We did [...]

Different Skies: Day 5

Another big day.

Murray, who at the minimum should be knighted, supplied marvelous croissants again, and a Thermos of espresso midafternoon. Nothing like fresh musician fuel.

With 17 musicians and 27 pieces, we needed a spreadsheet to figure out who plays on what and who’s leading which piece. (It averages out to about [...]

Different Skies: a word from our sponsor

Hello to EMUSIC-L! I’m Mike Metlay, the Founder and Coordinator of Different Skies, and this short post is by way of introduction and to say a few words about the event.

And here they are: Blubber! Nitwit! Oddment! Tweak!

More later if time permits.


Different Skies: Day 4

Yesterday was mostly practice and preparations. I spent most of the morning optimizing my setup, but late in the afternoon we put together the intro piece which includes me doing Tibetan throat singing. In for a penny, in for a pound. I’ll be using quite a number of things: Ableton Live, Brad [...]