What now?

Some interesting news this week: this is probably the last year that Metlay will be leading thngs at Different Skies.

I view this with very mixed feelings. Different Skies is of course the first place I’ve ever played keyboards live onstage (and on TV for that matter) and should it not continue after [...]

iTunes LP format and ituneslp.net

The site iTunesLP.net has a lot of information on how to create an iTunes LP and a sample – a reproduction of Disney’s Fantasia release from 1957 (without the tracks, but with the visuals).

This looks like it could be a good promo item for independent musicians, allowing them to provide otherwise-unavailable items via [...]

Welcome Russian posters, but not spambots

I will give some of you the benefit of the doubt and assume you to to be human and not robotic – please, if you want to post, make it in English (go ahead and use the Google translator or Babelfish – we’ll understand if the English isn’t perfect).

Otherwise, if either I can’t [...]

Korg SV-1 Stage Piano

` [...]

@differentskies on Twitter

We’re trying an experiment this year for Different Skies: the @differentskies Twitter ID will be used by all the participants to do updates during the week.

Normally we have a lot of different blog entries that generally end up getting written at the end of the day or even a day or so [...]

And now, ahead of the curve with 2.8.4

Apparently there’s yet another nasty worm breaking into WordPress blogs; 2.8.4 blocks it. Looks like I actually beat the worm for a change.


iGendyn (App Store link) is a moderately interesting synthesis app that’s let’s you play with Xenakis’ general dynamic stochastic synthesis.

It’s essentially a powerful noisemaker. You can make some pretty rough-edged sounds with this; the iPhone gives you surprisingly sensitive control surface. The accelerometer-based controls are less sensitive and harder to make reproduceable gestures [...]

APC40 Hack 1: Monome Emulator for the APC40 on Vimeo

So it’s not necessary to wait for hard-to-get hardware: the APC40 can emulate a Monome, just fine.

Simple Sequencer

A nice eight-step build-it-yourself sequencer at Instructables: Simple Sequencer.


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