Simple Sequencer

A nice eight-step build-it-yourself sequencer at Instructables: Simple Sequencer.


This is Torley. Torley has fun with stuff. Torley is also adroit and educational. You should be reading his blog.

Harmonia Prohibitorum

I like this blog – just started, but the writer’s funny, articulate, and passionate about electronic music. One of the first posts is on noise: a discussion of the analog recording process, with its inherent noise, versus the nearly-silent digital realm. A blog worth reading.

Harmonia Prohibitorum.

WordPress 2.8, and unhacked again

Got caught again – I’ve updated to 2.8, and have the WordPress blog in my RSS reader to be ready for the next release as soon as it appears.

You’d think people would have better things to do.

WordPress 2.7

I’ve upgraded to version 2.7 – less painful than usual. I’m planning to try out the new features that will let me post faster – perhaps I’ll post more that way.

DS 2008 Review

I wasn’t able to catch the concert live, but my laptop recorded it for me with Audio Hijack Pro – quite good for this kind of thing, by the way.

Listening later, this was quite an interesting DS. The choice to go for more long-form pieces led to stuff that was considerably more complex; [...]

Different Skies 2008 begins

Just got the first mails from folks at this year’s Different Skies. There are a lot of new faces this year; should be a very interesting year. Allen Goodman will be broadcasting on StillStream this week; I’m looking forward to hearing what comes out of the group this year.

I decided not to go [...]

Recovering from being hacked

So the site will look a little funny for a while, and links mey be broken. Teach ME not to log in every day and update WP the instant a new release is out.

Freeware music tools for OS X

 I happened across Ken Restivo‘s blog the other day (lots of good "math funk" there in Ogg Vorbis format), and was interested to note that he’s doing almost everything – recording, synthesis, mixdown, the works – on LInux, using free software.

Having listened to the stuff he’s got there and liking it quite a [...]

Lying users and synth manuals

In "Every User Lies" at the excellent Coding Horror blog, Jeff Atwood refers in passing to the concept of the "active user" – the person who immediately runs the software without looking at the manual at all.

In my trying out of various softsynths (most notably the WayOutWare TimewARP 2600 and the GForce Oddity and impOSCar), I’ve found myself doing that – firing up Garageband, and opening the plugin in a track, then just fiddling with the presets. By this point I know quite well that doing this with an analog synth with a screenful of knobs and sliders is counterproductive, but I caught myself doing it anyway.

So I decided that if I was going to have any kind of a meaningful interaction with the plugins, I was going to have to work through the manuals and see what there was to learn, whether I decided to buy them or not – and to avoid wasting money on something that didn’t fit my headspace (and earspace). Continue reading Lying users and synth manuals