The Orchestra: a User’s Manual

Fascinating site from the Philharmonia orchestra; includes an incredible amount of information concerning the individual instruments (including extended techniques, which I found particularly interesting).

Finding a new voice

I haven’t been composing much for a while. I’ve been telling myself that I don’t have enough space to set the studio up, that I don’t have enough time, that I’m more interested in software lately, but the honest truth is that I had gotten stuck.I’ve been toying around with a set of ambient [...]

Roger Reynolds at LOC now up

The Library of Congress’s site featuring the music of Roger Reynolds is an outstanding example of what such an organization can do. The site shows the depth of the Library’s holding in a particular are, covering everything from Reynolds’ music to photographs of the composer.

Reynolds has a close working relationship with the LOC; [...]

The Hand That Feeds

OS X readers: if you haven’t already done so, pop on over to the Nine Inch Nails website and pick up the GarageBand version of The Hand That Feeds. It’s a fairly typical track; but for that reason it’s pretty interesting.

It’s a great guide to pop song construction. A relatively short track, but [...]