Different Skies 2010: T minus 21 days

Having committed early and properly scheduled it, I’m set to play at Different Skies this year. As I mentioned previously, Mike will be taking a couple years off after this year, so it’s kind of a special event.

We’ve had a number of folks who are mainstays have to pull out this year, leaving [...]

Different Skies audio

Between the two evenings (Friday tech rehearsal and Saturday performance) we’ve got good versions of everything, looks like. That’s excellent.

It was an outstanding year this year.¬†We’re hoping to work out the best way to communicate the Different Skies experience altogether; I have no idea whether it’ll be a DVD, CD , or what [...]

Different Skies: after

I’m currently at the airport, having just finished going through security and having to have my backpack scanned twice; too many confusing electronic bits, I guess.

Load-out took from after the concert and final jams (ten-ish) until about 3AM. We got to experience the weather we might have had: 60 mph winds and [...]

Different Skies: Day 2

Most of today was spent getting set up and setting levels. We spent some time on figuring out how many pieces we had ideas for (27!), and gathering volunteers for each possible piece.

I’ll be leading “Slow, Cheap, and Out of Control”, an ambient piece based on my Java-Cocoa application that randomly generates drones [...]