Different Skies 2010: T minus 21 days

Having committed early and properly scheduled it, I’m set to play at Different Skies this year. As I mentioned previously, Mike will be taking a couple years off after this year, so it’s kind of a special event.

We’ve had a number of folks who are mainstays have to pull out this year, leaving [...]

Different Skies: after

I’m currently at the airport, having just finished going through security and having to have my backpack scanned twice; too many confusing electronic bits, I guess.

Load-out took from after the concert and final jams (ten-ish) until about 3AM. We got to experience the weather we might have had: 60 mph winds and [...]

Finding a new voice

I haven’t been composing much for a while. I’ve been telling myself that I don’t have enough space to set the studio up, that I don’t have enough time, that I’m more interested in software lately, but the honest truth is that I had gotten stuck.I’ve been toying around with a set of ambient [...]