Using the 1492 Exhibit

As the subtitle of the 1492 exhibit is An Ongoing Voyage it is appropriate to use a sea-going metaphor for navigating through the various documents and images which will follow.

The exhibit provides two levels of use: one is a guided tour which will be represented by the image of a ship: and the words Continue the Voyage will be alongside the image. Just as the first Europeans explored the world, you will be guided through various ports of the Mediterranean and the Americas. When you finish exploring the documents and images to be found at a particular destination you will want to sail on to the next by area by selecting either the image of the ship or the highlighted destination. These items will always be found at the bottom of each document. (Remember, though, that you may have to scroll the screen or document down to find the ship's next destination).

On this voyage there is always the option of abandoning ship . If you want to move out of the guided tour of the exhibit, you may choose to browse the exhibit by using the outline. Not only does the outline provide an overview of the exhibit, it is a quick link to every document and image within the exhibit.

Some users may prefer to skip the guided tour altogether and use the outline exclusively. That's fine. Choose whichever methods suits you best, or alternate between them.

Begin the Voyage with What Came To Be Called America or abandon ship and use the Outline.