Vase, Jug, Cooking Pots, and Bowls

Pottery, First century B.C.E.-first century C.E.

These objects are representative of the finds from the immediate area of Qumran. The repertory of pottery from Qumran chiefly consists of modest utilitarian items including cooking pots, vases and small jugs, serving dishes, drinking cups, and bowls. These items on display are a small selection of the more than 1000 pottery items found at the site.

KhQ364, KhQ 1192, KhQ 1565, KhQ 2506,
KhQ 2506/a, KhQ 1601/a-b  
Height 8.5-22 cm (3 3/8 in.-8 5/8 in.)
Diameter 17-26 cm 
(6 5/8-10 1/4 in.)
Courtesy of the Israel Antiquities Authority (59-64)