Bulletin Board

We from EXPO regret that the bulletin board is no longer functioning in its current form. We hope to have a working version again as soon as technology permits. For now, the best way to leave a note is by entering the EXPO Post Office.

The following is the old description of the bulletin board.

This bulletin board is accessible from various places all over the EXPO terrain. If you are running NCSA Mosaic, you can read messages people leave here, and create some of your own, by using the Annotate feature and choosing to leave a Workgroup Annotation instead of a Personal Annotation. You must have the following line in your .Xdefaults file for annotations to work:

XMosaic*annotationServer: hoohoo.ncsa.uiuc.edu:8001

Its seems that the people running the server will keep running it until further notice. Hopefully at that time the new annotation support is in place.

announcements of forthcoming new exhibits will be made here. The EXPO bulletin board will include up to date information of exhibits outside the EXPO terrain.

You might read a short note about the philosophy behind EXPO to get you inspired to use this bulletin board.

Make this bulletin board an interesting board, and do leave your own comments about the exhibit here. As we from EXPO cannot keep an eye on every annotation hidden behind other annotations, we prefer if you would keep the annotations directly on this page.