terrain map

Someone created this beautiful wooden map of the EXPO terrain. It shows all the exhibits and how they are situated. The map appears to be made of sandalwood (if your browser supports it, you should be able to smell it) and uses inlayed redwood for its letters and for the road. The structures on the map are painted by the worlds finest artist. EXPO is proud to have replica's of some of the worlds most distinguished architectural buildings

Allthough the map appears to be made as a good old dutch map, it is in fact a full electronic (but still dutch) version that gives you all the info you want by clicking at the right place on the map. Again your browser will need to be one of the best available today, because the browser must support mouse coordinate mapping and audio.

If your browser is very modern, but your screen is old fashioned b&w you should switch the map to b&w mode.

A later addition to the map is the small panel with the two buttons on it. It appears that those dutch engineers have been doing some time traveling.

The EXPO has plenty of space for more exhibits to come.

If you have seen enough you could walk back to the EXPO Ticket Office or wait until the EXPO Shuttle Bus picks you up.

The sound of this map is still under construction, but will provide you with some real information very soon now