Welcome to the Palace

model of palace  (select this for a list of options)

You are now in the Entrance Hall of this exhibit. In front of you there is a beautiful reconstruction of the Palace of Diocletian at Split. You can use this marble model to explore the Palace: simply click on one of the colored buildings. The building you choose will light up in blue, and the appropiate information will be shown.
You can also press one of the four buttons to get additional information. Whenever you click outside one the `hot' items, you will return to this entrance hall (where you are right now)

On two of the eight pilars in this hall, you can see a panel. These have the following titles:

Next to the entrance door, there is the EXPO Bulletin Board which you can use to make comments about this exhibit.
The EXPO Shuttle Bus is waiting outside, ready to bring you to one of the other exciting EXPO exhibits. On its ride over the terrain, it makes a regular stop at the EXPO Book Store and the EXPO Ticket Office.

This exhibit was created by Michael Greenhalgh, Department of Art History, Australian National University (gremarth@fac.anu.edu.au)
Frans van Hoesel did the post-processing of the images, and gave the exhibit its final shape on EXPO.