List of Persons



of persons, all of whose works are designated for removal by the orders of the Plenipotentiary Council of People's Commissars of the USSR and the Plenipotentiary Council of Ministers of the USSR for preservation of military and state secrets in the press for the period 1938-1948.

" A "

ABRAMOV, Arkadii Mikhailovich - 681 (party subjects)

AVERBAKH, Leopol'd Leonidovich - 266 (literary criticism)

AVILOV, Nikolai Pavlovich (Glebov-Avilov, N.) (trade union movement)

AVINOVITSKII, Iakov Lazarevich - 266 (military-chemical)

AGIENKO, Aleksandr Fedorovich - 683 (anti-religious)


AZARKH, Raisa Moiseevna - 73 (fiction)

AITAKOV, Nadyrbai - 957 (party subjects)

AIKHENVAL'D, Aleksandr Iul'evich - 241 (economics)

ALAZAN, Vagram Martynovich - 266 (artistic subjects)

ALEKSANDROVICH, Andrei Ivanovich - 372 (poetry)

ALKSNIS, Iakov Ivanovich (Alksnis-Astrov) - 171 (military)

. . .


TRANSLATOR'S COMMENTS: The list contains more than 1,000 names. The numbers following the names bear no obvious correlation to the writer's specialization.