extimacy 2: magazine format articles
Lisa Stevenson, Radha Vatsal

On Borderlands/La Frontera: A Case for Fractured Identities as a Ground for Feminist Politics
Anandi Hattiangadi

Entre-Nous: Any Sign of Progress?
Martine Antle

Le 'retour de baton'/Ce 'backlash' qui n'en est pas un:
Women in France Today
Donna Wilkerson

Definining a Feminist Agenda:
Creating a Vested Interest for All
Ify Nowokoye

Screening the XX Files:
The Gharib or the Stranger in the Nineties
Dominique Fisher

What Would You Do If I Sang Out of Tune?
Nick Johnston

Is Paris Burning?
Cle Toledano

A Message to the Feminists: Kill Your-Self
Clark McCabe

Dodging Flame Throwers
Scott Holmes

Show Girls Making Out
Hugh Siegel

Women and Film: Teaching Across Disciplines
Marilyn Burgess