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in progress - the kimono quilt

Self portraits - some experiments and general silliness

A page of earlier work: paintings, pastel drawings and architecture

Some Landscapes - WORKS IN PROGRESS

Rose self portrait

This is part of a series of dogs, sitting and concentrating on their concerns.

15" X 18"

Sheep May Now Safely Graze : : 12" X 33"

This is a tryptich using multiple processes:

  • First, the images are painted onto seperate pieces of cotton
  • Then the paintings are overlaid with layers of freemotion embroidery in rayon thread. Rayon has a wonderful sheen, allowing the image to change with the light.
  • The pieces are then joined into the tryptich and quilted

16" X 18" - detail below

sheep - detail
detail - click to see



2003 Journal Quilts- a series of nine small quilts for the internation quilt Festival at Houston

last updated: May 30, 2004