web design

iahc Conference web site for the UNC School of Nursing, 2008. This was a web site design for an annual conference. the site was designed to be modular and was dropped into place on the UNC SoN server after completion.

layers of meaning

Layers of Meaning - my blog of commentary on art, fiber and modern embroidery established: 2003

The blog runs on WordPress, which uses php with a backend database and CSS.


inls461 - Information Tools course 2005 - 2008

This course is an introduction to the tools and technologies used in the studies of informationa and library science. Course topics include: Linux/Unix, networking, web page design and creation (including css and JavaScript), database and spreadsheets.


inls490 - Information Architecture course 2007 & 2008

This course covers site analysis, organization of information, web technologies, indexing and abstracting, taxonomies and classification schemes, marketing and graphical design.

ibiblio homepage - homepage designs from Nov. 2000 - Dec. 2002 (archived). - redesign and formatting of the ibibilio homepage using the logo and elements provided
ibiblio collection index and an explanation of the index design process.

UNC-CH School of Social Work
UNC-CH School of Social Work - redesign and streamlining of an existing 12,000 file site. Designed to be viewed on 212 color monitors and 640 X 480 resolution.

SEANC19 redesign

SEANC-19 - redesign of an existing website for navigation and organizational improvement.

Design emphasis on rapid access on 56k modem and low resolution monitors.


Doodles - a java-based online drawing program that I created for a class at the School of Information and Library Science

Uses Java within html


Professional Art Quilt Alliance - South - Pro bono work for a local quiltart guild

Site uses html with css. We are working on implementing a library of member pages (target date: spring 2004).

Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools

Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools - This was the district's first web site, created in 1997, when a 28k modem was really fast. We used very few graphics and relied on color to establish the design.

Designed to be viewed on 212 color monitors and 640 X 480 resolution.

illustration & graphic design


database cover

linux archive
linux archive

GAP logo

last updated: October 29, 2008