Many people helped me realize this project, to all of whom I owe a debt of gratitude and sincere thanks. Gerard Manning hosted the Fiddler’s Companion for many years on-line at his web-site Ceolas, and provided a much appreciated outlet for early versions. Thanks also to Jan Tappan at Fiddler’s Crossing for early advice and direction. Lorna La Verne provided valuable advice, constructive criticism and helpful suggestions in early phases of the project, for which I am very grateful. Her cogent, clear and concise writing in the CD quickstart document and her suggestions for how to search the CD version of the index were of great benefit.  Bill Black allowed me to use all his abc formatted tunes from his fine tune book, one of my favorites, and then followed up with yet more. Henry Ford in England gave permission to post his abc’s from an early Walsh collection, and Steve Wyrick in California allowed me to repost his abc transcriptions of Robert Petrie’s 1st collection. Paul Kinder transcribed in its entirety O’Neill’s Waifs and Strays of Gaelic Melody and graciously allowed me its use. Paul de Grae translated the introduction and notes to the entire five volumes of Breathnach’s Coel Rince na hEirreann, has shared his own indexing efforts (allowing me to check and correct my own entries), and has ever been supportive and helpful. He is a font of knowledge on Irish music, a curious investigator and a prolific transcriber of abc’s.  Similarly Nigel Gatherer has been exceedingly helpful with suggestions, support, information on all things Scottish, scores upon scores of abc’s, and especially kind advice and generously communicated enthusiasm. Thank you Bill, Paul, Nigel and Paul—tremendous efforts! My friends Graham and Ellen Smyth deserve mention and thanks for the kind loan of materials, gifts of support and encouragement—plus gratitude for all the great music we’ve shared over the years. Paul Mitchell was instrumental in finding a new home for the index at


    I have been, and continue to be, aided by patient staff at my local village library, the Grinnell, the New York Public Library, and at local university libraries such as Vasser and Fordham.  Interlibrary loan is a wonderful thing, and I’m entirely like a kid at Christmas when I get a call that a long sought-after text has finally arrived. As the redeemed Scrooge said: “I am as merry as a school-boy, I am as giddy as a drunken man.”


Most of all I would like to thank those many enthusiasts who belong to the internet discussion groups, Irtrad-L, Tradtunes, Fiddle-L and Scots-L who for years have lent their expertise, constructive and creative comments, humor and thoughtful questioning to the process of exploring traditional music and performance.  There are giants on these lists, whose selfless generosity in sharing their phenomenal expertise has immensely improved all our musical educations in general and The Fiddler’s Companion in particular. Thank you Philippe Varlet, Paul de Grae, Nigel Gatherer, Kerry Blech, Joel Shimberg, Paul Mitchell, Paul Tyler, Caoimhin Mac Aoidh, Charles Gore, Jim Carrol, Harry Bradley, Fred McCormick, Henrik Norbeck, Juergen Gier, Larry Sanger, Jeff Titon, Paul Wells, the late Bruce Olson, Dave Barton and the many, many others too numerous to name.  Thank you to the many individuals on the lists who graciously agreed to allow me to reprint their abc’s, including those listed above but also including Lorna La Verne, Jeff Myers, Dennis Gormley, John Chambers, Ted Hastings, Paul Tyler, Paul Kinder, Bill Shull, John Chambers, Toby Rider, Gary Chapin, Greg Taylor, Caroline Foty, Bill Reeder, Naka Ishii, Gilbert Bahn-Koepke, and Phil Sexton (…I’m sure I’ve missed important others, for which you have my apologies, although please believe it was purely inadvertent!)


Thanks also to those on the lists who by their humor, enthusiasm, knowledge, creativity and good grace keep the lists fun and vital.