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10. Appendix

10.1 Network filesystems

This HOWTO is not about Network filesystems, but I should mention them.

There is a brief list of some which I know:

AFS - Andrew Filesystem


NFS - Network filesystem (Unix)

NCP - NetWare Core Protocol (Novell NetWare)

SMB - Session Message Block (Windows 3.x/9x/NT)

10.2 Encrypted filesystems


CFS pushes encryption services into the Unix(tm) file system. It supports secure storage at the system level through a standard Unix file system interface to encrypted files. Users associate a cryptographic key with the directories they wish to protect. Files in these directories (as well as their pathname components) are transparently encrypted and decrypted with the specified key without further user intervention; cleartext is never stored on a disk or sent to a remote file server. CFS employs a novel combination of DES stream and codebook cipher modes to provide high security with good performance on a modern workstation. CFS can use any available file system for its underlying storage without modification, including remote file servers such as NFS. System management functions, such as file backup, work in a normal manner and without knowledge of the key.



10.3 Writing your own filesystem driver


I haven't see yet any good page about writing DOS filesystem drivers (Network redirectors) on the net. The best source is Ralf Brown's interrupt list and iHPFS source code.


Windows NT

For more information about writing FS drivers for Windows NT see by <>.

10.4 Related documents

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