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8. ISO 9660 - CD-ROM filesystem

8.1 RockRidge extensions

Extensions allowing long filenames and Unix-style symbolic links.

8.2 Joliet extensions

Joliet is a Microsoft extension to the ISO 9660 filesystem that allows Unicode characters to be used in filenames. This is a benefit when handling internationalization. Like the Rock Ridge extensions, Joliet also allows long filenames.

8.3 Hybrid CD-ROMs

8.4 Physical formats

CD-DA - Audio CDs

Data CDs

Recordable CDs

CD-MO - Magneto-optical

CD-WO - Write-once

CD-RW - Rewritable CDs

CD Extra - eXtended Architecture





Video CD

8.5 Accessing Joliet from Linux

8.6 Accessing Joliet from BeOS

It is updated ISO9660 driver to be able to use a Joliet ISO9660 extensions.

8.7 Accessing Joliet from OS/2 archive contains CDFS.IFS driver for OS/2 with Joliet level 3 support.

8.8 Accessing Audio CD as filesystem from BeOS

This filesystem add-on will allow you (if your CD drive supports it) to treat a regular audio CD as if it were a bunch of WAV files. You can copy the files, encode them to mp3, play them slower, faster, even backwards.

8.9 Creating Hybrid CD-ROMs (mkhybrid)

Make an ISO9660/HFS/JOLIET shared hybrid CD volume

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