Folk Music Index Keyword Searching

Keyword searching is available for either peformers or music titles. The results of a search are displayed in the search frame with each retrieved title or performer name hotlinked to display the file containing the specific discographic information for that match in this central display frame. Frame borders can be resized at anytime to facilitate browsing and display.

Please note that searches on more than one word retrieve only titles that have all of the words or word stems entered. Apostrophes are included as part of a word. Thus searches on the term soldiers vs soldier's will retrieve different results and the best way to retrieve all titles that mention soldiers is to use the term, soldier. Similarly if you are uncertain of spellings or endings, truncate words to expand your retrieval set.

Many thanks are due to Paul Mitchell of the UNC Chapel Hill  Academic Computing Center for adapting, updating, and managing the transition of this custom keyword search originally created by my former colleague, Jim Farrugia.

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