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Welcome to Evaluation of Free/Open Source Hosting (FOSPHost) Sites

On this site, you can find

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You may also find some links like this (Q?.?). These are references to the original answers a survey on important attributes of FOSPHost sites, which are the basis of this evaluation.

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What is a Free/Open Source Hosting (FOSPHost) Site?
Common Objectives and Possible Benefits of Using a FOSPHost Site
Preferred Attributes of a FOSPHost Site
Controversial Issues of FOSPHost Sites
Comparison of FOSPHost Sites Available for Hosting Projects Externally from Project Owners
Features Evaluation of FOSPHost Sites Available for Hosting Projects Externally from Project Owners based on User-defined Criteria

About this Evaluation

This evaluation is the result of my PhD research on "Construction of an Evaluation Model for Free/Open Source Project Hosting (FOSPHost) sites". The source of data came from a Delphi survey and a detail investigation on different external hosting sites.

One of the strength of Wiki is that users can change the content directly. Unfortunately, this function will be turn off before the examination process of my dissertation is completed. The reason is that a dissertation is supposed to be the original work of the author and direct updating of content makes it difficult to distinguish between original or contributed work (It is, of course, possible to distinguish as Wiki has versioning capability, but difficult). This function will be activated after the examination.

If you have any opinion not on the content, but the design and management of this evaluation, you can either post it at the forum, make a comment on this page "[Display comments/form]" at the bottom of this page, or email to fosphost@ibiblio.org.


Since the data collected by the Delphi survey is released under OpenContent License (a local copy can be found here), the wiki content is released under the same license too.

The content in the comparison of FOSPHost sites Available for hosting projects externally from project owners is released in the public domain.

The software that drives the Delphi survey, comparison table and features evaluation is GPLed. It will be available soon.

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