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Text formatting on Wakka slightly differs from other Wikis. Anything between 2 sets of double quotes is ignored and presented exactly as typed.

Test your formatting skills in the SandBox.

Basic formatting:
**I'm bold text!**
I'm bold text!

//I'm italicized text.//
I'm italicized text.

And I'm __underlined__!
And I'm underlined!

##monospace (10) text##
monospace 10 text


%% Embed Code Here %%
int main(int arc,char **argv) { printf("Hello, %s!\n", (argc>1) ? argv[1] : "World"); return 0; }

Example embedding PHP code (Do not forget the <?php open tag if you want syntax colouring):

//look no php code

Forced links:

[[http://www.intoko.com/new-car.php new car]]
new car


[[P2P This Wiki's page on P2P]]
This Wiki's page on P2P?

====== Really big header ======

Really big header

===== Rather big header =====

Rather big header

==== Medium header ====

Medium header

=== Not-so-big header ===

Not-so-big header

== Smallish header ==
Smallish header

Horizontal separator:
Note: you must place this at the end of the last line before the seperation (if you want to retain indentation) or the very beginning of the new line (if you want the seperator to be as wide as the whole page). Otherwise, it results in a bullet and a line-break.

Forced line break (not visible):

Indent your text using the Tab key. You can also use indented, bulleted/numbered lists:
- bulleted list
  • bulleted list
  • Line two
  • line 3

  • 1) numbered list

    1. numbered list
    2. Line two

    A) Using uppercase characters

    1. Using uppercase characters
    2. Line two

    a) Using lowercase characters

    1. Using lowercase characters
    2. Line two

    i) using Latin numbers

    1. using Latin numbers
    2. Line two

    Entity literals:
    Entering &lt; into Wiki actually displays the character <. To show the literal string &lt;, use &amp;lt;. Likewise for similar entities such as &gt; and so on.


    Question: How do you unwikiname a word ?
    Answer: Add double-quotes around the word.

    Question: How do you get double-quotes to display properly ?
    Answer: Use the entity literal &quot;.

    Question: How do you get double-apostraphes to display properly ?

    Question: How does WakkaWiki? know to what URL to send a visitor to if it wasn't specified ?
    Answer: The link is to a forced WikiPage?. That means a link to a page in this wiki is generated.

    Question: So why does [[LALA_LELE]] send me to http://LALA_LELE ?
    Answer: The underscore breaks things. [[LALALELE]] doesn't have this problem, and results in this: LALALELE?

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