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Linux Aviation HOWTO

John C. Peterson, <>

v1.4, 14 Oct 2000

This document is intended to provide pointers to software packages that run under the Linux operating system and are useful to private, commercial, or military pilots. The ultimate goal is to enable pilots to use the Linux operating system for all their aviation related computing needs, totally eliminating the need for other operating systems. I want to encourage pilots who are already using Linux to contribute to this document, either by providing pointers to existing software, or by writing new applications for Linux.

1. Introduction

2. Other Resources

3. Java based Software

4. Exam Preparation and Study Aids

5. Logbook Software

6. Charts and Cartography

7. VFR Preflight Planning

8. GPS Interface and Moving Map Software

9. Soaring Software

10. Simulators

11. Hardware for Aviation Computing

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