Accessing the Development Source

For those interested in contributing to the development of fplan, you can obtain the latest development source at any time from the Gnome CVS server. You can checkout your own local copy using anonymous CVS as described below, or if you just want to browse, use the interface at Please note that the state of the CVS development source tree comes with no guarentee of any kind! It would not be unusual at all for the package to fail to build, dump core, crash your X server, and so on. Users who are looking for the latest and greatest working release should wait for the official releases.

Instructions for Anonymous CVS Access

This section provides a brief overview of how to checkout the fplan development source code using anonymous CVS. Although CVS has many special features that make it useful for managing large and complex source trees, you only need to learn a few simple commands to utilize the basic functionality. Note that anonymous CVS provides read access only, you can't commit changes to the repository. Please submit any new source code or patches to the fplan maintainer, <>, for integration into the source tree.

Set the CVSROOT Environment Variable

You must communicate to CVS the location of the master source repository. This is accomplished by assigning an appropriate value to the CVSROOT environment variable. The assignment statements for Bourne and C shell users respectively are given below. If you plan on accessing the archive on a regular basis, you may want to place the appropriate statement in your shell initialization file.

export CVSROOT=''

setenv CVSROOT ''

Login to the CVS Server

Use the following command to login to the anonymous CVS server.

% cvs login
(Logging in to
CVS password:

When prompted for the CVS password, just press return.

Check out the fplan Source Module

The cvs command below will check out a local copy of the latest fplan source code. This command will create a directory named fplan in the current working directory, so change to an appropriate directory in your file system first. The -z1 flag specifies that compression be used in the transfer. The adminstrators of the Gnome servers kindly request that you not use levels of compression higher than 3, so as to avoid excessive cpu usage.

% cvs -z1 checkout fplan

Join the Developers Mailing List

If you have any new ideas or fixes that require extensive modifications to the sources, it would be a good idea to join the fplan mailing list. This is the public forum for the discussion of fplan development ideas and work. To join the list, just send a mail message with the subject "subscribe" and an empty message body to


CVS Documentation and Tutorials

Here's a good starting point for finding CVS documentation.

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