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2. Installation

2.1 Obtaining the Distribution

The avdbtools source code and binaries for Linux on Intel x86 machines are currently available in both Red Hat Package Manager and compressed tar formats. The latest source code and binaries can always be obtained from the avdbtools web site located at

2.2 Software Requirements

This software was developed and tested under Red Hat Linux, release 4.2. The software requirements are relatively modest, you should be able to build and use this software under most any UNIX like environment with an ANSI C compiler (such as the Free Software Foundation's gcc compiler), a make utility, and a Bourne compatible shell.

2.3 Configuration and Compilation

To build nasdconv, follow these steps;

  1. Edit the Makefile and change the macros that are related to the specification of your environment, assigning values appropriate to your situation. The only macros you should need to edit are; CC to specify your C compiler, and BINDIR, LIBDIR, MANDIR to specify the directories where the executable, model coefficients, and man page are to be installed.
  2. Run "make" to build the executable.
  3. Run "make install" to install the executable in BINDIR, and the model coefficients in LIBDIR.
  4. Run "make install-man" to install the man page in MANDIR.

This user's guide and the man page are written in SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language) format. SGML documents are translatable into popular formats such as standard HTML as well as LaTeX (and dvi, postscript from there). The converted formats are up to date with respect to the SGML version when the distribution was packaged (by running a "make doc"). If you make changes to the master SGML format documents, you will need the SGMLtools formatting system to update the other formats, available from

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