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13 Mar, 2000

Version 0.3 of avdbtools was released today. It is compatible with the format of the files on the US National Airspace Data CD-ROM (which can be obtained by sending a written request to the FAA). The general structure of the package is similar to previous releases.

9 Jan, 2000

I have obtained a copy of the latest US National Airspace Data CD-ROM and have initiated the process of modifying avdbtools to be compatible with the format of this data. I hope to have new fplan format database files ready by late February or early March. The next release of avdbtools should be available soon after that.

27 Aug, 1999

Unfortunately, the US National Airspace Data is no longer available for free download over the Internet. As of August 1999, the 'old' National Flight Data Center web site requires a password to access it. This is unfortunate, but the data can now be obtained on an ISO 9660 CD-ROM for a nominal fee by writing to the FAA. You can find more information from the FAA Aeronautical Information Services Division web site. The data is considered suitable for navigation and is updated every 56 days. A subscription service is also available.

24 May, 1999

The National Flight Data Center has updated the database files available from their web site. Unfortunately, they have also changed the format of the comma delimited files. Please note that avdbtools release 0.2 will not work with these files. The faaconv utility will need to be updated to work with the new format.

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