Code History

Change History

Although this software retains the name fplan, it is a modified version of the work of the original author, Steve Tynor. His last public release was version 1.3, which was posted to volume 30 of the USENET newsgroup, comp.sources.misc in 1992.

I've been using fplan to prepare flight plans since release 1.2, so I've had the opportunity to use it in practice and formulate some ideas for possible improvements. I decided to implement some of the improvements from my own want list (one rainy weekend, as a flimsy substitute for actually getting my feet off the ground). I later contacted Steve Tynor with these changes. He indicated he was busy with other things and was no longer actively maintaining fplan. I decided to expand the scope of my improvements enough to hopefully get things back to a point where more pilots will use it again, and contribute to the development of it (retaining the fplan name with Steve's blessing).

The Latest Release

I am releasing my changes with the hope that others can contribute to the further development of fplan. If you have any bug reports, bug fixes, questions or comments about fplan, you can contact me by e-mail at <>. Please don't contact Steve Tynor regarding the care and feeding of fplan as he is no longer actively supporting it. Remember, the new bugs introduced into this release (as well as all those new features) are all my fault and not Steve's.

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