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The Pilot Logbook for Grok is a database designed for use with the xmbase-grok database manager, which is targeted at Unix based systems with X11 Windows and Motif (such as Linux). It is designed for pilots that want to maintain an electronic record of their flight time. This release contains a version for glider pilots, a future release is planned which will include a version for power pilots.

The xmbase-grok database manager is a natural choice for an electronic logbook since the logging of flight time can be conveniently thought of as a database problem. It provides support for many of the features one would want in an electronic logbook such as; customized data entry forms, the ability to sort, search and query the database, as well as flexible exporting of data to other formats. It includes an intuitive graphical Form Editor that makes it easy to modify the data entry forms to meet the specialized needs and preferences of each user. Furthermore, xmbase-grok is relatively mature and stable, so much of the development work has already been done for us.

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