Birthday Reminder Program

If you're tired of forgetting about birthdays, this program will help you. This program takes a list of birthdays and will send you email alerts a week, day and day of the birthday. This program requires minimal configuration and is designed to be run on a cron.

Requirements: Perl 5.6 or greater, Date::Manip library

Download birthday.tar.gz

md5sum: 252240082e99761f01cc4c31b793d0ae

README File v 0.1 - 6/13/2007
This software is provided as-is, with no warranties or guarantees of support.

Files contained in this distribution: - The program, do not edit.
birthday.list - The list of birthdays, you edit this - Config file, you edit this
README - This file

1. Unpack the software into a directory.
2. Edit the file, adding your email and the app's directory
3. Add birthdays to the birthday.list file
4. Set up a crontab to run the program on a daily basis

1. Requires the Date::Manip perl library.
2. You'll want to test the program you put it into production. To do so simply create a birthday entry with today's date.
3. If your sendmail binary is in a strange place, you may need to edit the location in
4. Remember to escape your email address in the file. Place a \ before the @ symbol in your address. Your address should look like the following bob\