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What is cyberinfrastructure? A word.  And what is in that word “cyberinfrastructure? Air. A trim reckoning!   Who has it? He with grants a’Wednesday. Can he built it? No. Can he use it? No. T’isn’t sensible then? Yea, to the tenured.  But will it not work for the working? No. Why? Implementation will not suffer it. Therefore I’ll none of it.  Cyberinfrastructure is a mere scutcheon – and so ends my catechism.


When I coined the term cybrarian back in 1991, all I was trying to do was come up with a cute name for a Usenix  birds of a feather session for people working on sites protocols and software for finding and sharing information on the net (We’d need a bigger room now.) 

It wasn’t creating a new reality – the word just sounded pretty, and would be easy to filk with. 

 Cyberinfrastructure is different.

 It doesn’t scan well.  


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