The textbook department at UNC Student Stores yearns for simpler times…

It doesn’t quite rise to the simple elegance of this little beauty from worldcat (which is bad enough to split the xISBN workset).

I guess things went wrong when they had to turn to the title page.

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  1. Kristina says:

    >245 00 Anglo-American cataloging rules ; second ed. / $c 1998 revision.
    >260 Chicago, $b American Library Association $c [1998]
    >300 xli, [1], 676 p. $c 26 cm.
    >500 Supersedes the A.L.A. cataloging rules for author and title entries, and includes a revision of the Rules for descriptive cataloging in the Library of Congress.

    Hahahahaha! It burns.
    And what did they do to my poor ISBD?

    I’m very glad they so carefully included that one unnumbered page… and then didn’t refer back to it at all [2.5B3]

    Thank you for linking to this. I’m totally going to use this as a pick-it-apart example in class… most ironic catalog record EVAR.

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