Whilst checking up on some of the character set fixes, I’ve noticed that there seem to be some inconsistencies in the use of right quotes, apostrophes, and accute accents, which may lead to problems down the road when doing searches, or performing name authority work.

Here are some examples that may make things clearer.

Use of a right single quote as an accute accent.

In  allRecords/ArchivalDescriptions/68/FileUnit_744305.xml we find the following title:

<title>Navarro, Jose’ Antonio</title>

There are several ways to represent é in UNICODE; composed, decompsed, or as an e followed by a non-combining accent  (U+00B4); none of these approaches will match this title string.

One correct form is:

<title>Navarro, José Antonio</title>

(see e.g. http://www.tamu.edu/ccbn/dewitt/Navarro.htm)

Some accute accents are encoded correctly

For example, in allRecords/ArchivalDescriptions/1/Item_197118.xml we find:

<display-name>Québec (Québec province, Canada, North and Central America) inhabited place</display-name>

Vive Jay Sherman! Vive Québec

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