Now that registration is open, you may be thinking about attending this year’s ADHO Digital Humanities Conference, DH2010, which will be

hosted at King’s College London by the Centre for Computing in the Humanities and the Centre for e-Research, with the support of the School of Arts and Humanities, Information Services and Systems, and the Principal, Professor Rick Trainor.

Before you decide to register, you might wish to consider whether King’s can really afford to be hosting an event of this size, especially  in the light of the savage cuts  that King’s College has felt forced to make this year . Faculty cuts include Shalom Lappin! It’s like MIT laying of TimBL.

You might feel it better for King’s  for you to focus your attention and submissions on other venues, and to bypass DH2010.

If you do, be sure to drop an email to  Professor Trainor explaining your decision.

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