1. The purpose of cataloguing is to guide a reader to his book.
  2. Any aspect of cataloguing that does not support this task is superfluous.
  3. Any aspect of cataloguing that inhibits this task is harmful.
  4. A catalogue is a biologically enhanced information retrieval system.
  5. Readers are familiar with other information retrieval systems, and will use the tools which, based on past experience, they believe to be most effective for their needs.
  6. A library may not injure a reader, or through inaction allow a reader to come to harm.

Prologomena :- AI,LIS.


Oops – I messed up the opening pun, turning the obscure into the totally incomprehensible:

Prolog (AI Language) + Prolegomena (to cataloging and classification) = Prologomena, not Prologema

One Response to “Future of Bibliographic Control – Prologomena (1/4)”
  1. janeg says:

    Bravo! This is really good to see. We need to be thinking about principles, why we are doing this, why we create catalogs. Yes, we need to understand the why, not just the how, and I applaud your genuine thinking here. Two comments come to mind, which might lead you to annotation (