Support standards that scale beyond the catalog

  1. Move away from library-specific formats.
  2. Move towards general standards, such as Dublin Core, CIDOC, RDF, SKOS, and OWL.
  3. Design standards to allow ordinary people to create basic records for web sites, articles, etc.
  4. Specify standards in a modular fashion, so that intricacies that only apply to specialized formats such as sheet music do not complicate the description of simpler items, such as novels.

Develop tools to support metadata creation

  1. Automate as much of the task of metadata creation as possible, allowing humans to concentrate on tasks that require deeper semantic understanding.
  2. Develop tools to assist naive users to create valid records.
  3. Develop tools to assist expert users to create better records faster.
  4. Develop algorithmic and heuristic validation routines for as all metadata fields.
  5. Whenever possible, check data against authority files automatically.

Support linked and networked bibliographic data

  1. Support incremental change records.
  2. Maintain references to authorized fields as links rather than strings.
  3. Support multi-leveled compound works, and generalized work clusters.

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