3.3: Edinburgh Festival Fringe


3.3: Edinburgh Festival Fringe

The complete programme for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is now available by gopher from almac.co.uk. (Forrest Duncan, forrest.duncan@almac.co.uk first described this on a UK newsgroup - thanks). There is also some generic information about how the Fringe works.

This is HUGE, over 10000 lines of information, and I don't think Almac has a very powerful server. Don't overwhelm them, save the address and call sometime over the next few days. It might be an idea for somebody in the US to make a copy available over there (subject to the Fringe agreeing - the programme is copyrighted).

From a quick look it doesn't seem to me to be *quite* complete - no details about exhibitions yet. But hey, getting 95% of the schedule for the biggest arts festival in history available this way is a darn good start.

Forrest says the Fringe can be contacted at festival.fringe@almac.co.uk; I haven't got this to work yet and they are unlikely to be offering an email booking service. No word yet on when or whether the International Festival, Jazz Festival and Film Festival will go electronic. Accommodation is not handled by the festival organizers but by the Tourist Information Office.

The dates for the 94 fringe are 14th August- 3rd September. 95 dates are 13 August to 2 September

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