3.7: Scottish music radio programmes


3.7: Scottish music radio programmes

In Scotland:
Radio Scotland (MW= Medium Wave 810, FM = 92.4 to 94.7)
Sat: 7-8pm Take the floor (FM,MW): 8-10pm "Travelling Folk" (FM,MW)
10-midnight: "Celtic Horizons" (FM,MW) (Fiona Ritchie)

In the US: The Thistle and Shamrock. This is hosted by Fiona Ritchie. There is an on-line list of stations carrying this programme - ftp://celtic.stanford.edu/pub/thistle.list. The list is maintained by Pat Murphy (pmurphy@nrao.edu) and posted regularly to the rec.music.celtic group

The T&S has a brochure that gives some background on Fiona Ritchie and the show, and includes information about their Newsletter, Playlists, and Souvenirs -- T-shirts, a pin, tankard and coasters. If you want this brochure, send a SASE to "The Thistle and Shamrock, P.O. Box 560646, Charlotte, NC 28256 (USA).

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