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A Cha\irdean,

This post is to announce a WWW site that offers information concerning the Gaelic languages and the various aspects of Gaelic culture and life. The url address (how you access it) is:




In addition, there is an ftp site where you may log in as ftp. This address is:


The directory in question is /pub/academic/languages/gaelic.

These two sites contain information on/in irish gaelic, scottish gaelic and manx gaelic. Lessons with accompanying audio files are available for scottish gaelic. (This would then qualify as the first on-line language tutorial that i know of let alone in gaelic. By on-line i mean available in an interactive format.)

There is also information located here which may prove valuable to learners, including organizations and their contact addresses.

There is a wide range of poetry on this site, both english and gaelic and even scots. Audio files exist of people reading this poetry also, in some cases the authors themselves.

You can also pick up any of the last several days worth of experimental recordings of the RTE Internet Radio project, a ~3MB recording of Radio 1's morning News which is in English as well as the evening news, a ~1.4MB file which contains the news in Gaelic. This is a great way to hear spoken irish! This is a project originated by some wacky guys from Ireland and it is getting quite a bit of attention. If you access these files you may see why.

Information on Gaelic-L, the gaelic based mailing list, is available here as well as information on how to subscribe to this valuable and incredibly useful forum for both learners and fluent speakers of all three gaelic languages.

This site is home to the html versionof the Soc.Culture.Celtic FAQ, as well as being one of the many sites that contain an ftp version of the faq.

There is information on the Celts as well as mirrors to several other sites containing more information on all of these subjects and more.

Now there is an on-line and ftp accessible area for Celtic music. Through links you can hear samples of various bands and musical forms. We have had great fortune in having several performers and makers contribute information and samples to the site. Click in and hear Hamish Moore's latest smallpipe music. Learn about the various pipemakers. Hear a sample of fresh, new Celtic rock in the form of Keltoi. Or perhaps you want to now the tour dates for the Battlefield Band's 25th Anniversary Tour.

There is also a list of record labels and shops which deal with celtic music. Also, links exist which will take you to many of the great sites around the world that deal with celtic music, including information on T&S (Tapadh leat, a Phadraig!)

There is also a section of the site that displays different tartans so that you can see the colorful ingenuity of the celts in action. This section also gives useful genereral information on the Breacan and the history of this gaelic icon. Information is also here as to where to get a kilt made.

Note that if it is welsh that you want, a great place to go is http://www.cs.brown.edu/fun/welsh/home.html le Mark Nodine. A link exists at the web site to get you there.

Ma tha ceistean agaibhse, tha mi aig gaelic@sunsite.unc.edu.

Is mise le meas Sea\n

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