Multilinual Publications


Multilingual publications


Carn: The journal of the Celtic League. This is in all 6 Celtic languages with English summaries of many of them. The Celtic League promotes the Celtic cultures and languages and is anti violence. They have branches in Scotland, Brittany, Wales, Ireland, Cornwall, Isle of Man, London, USA, Cape Breton. General Secretary is: Bernard Moffatt, 11 Hilltop View, Farmhill, Braddan, Mannin (Isle of Man)

Contact Bulletin (European Bureau of Lesser Used Languages)

This publication is English-only but is included here because of its pan-Celtic linguistic appeal. The bulletin is free and available by writing to:

An Biu/ro/ Eorpach do Theangacha Neamhfhorleathana
10 Sra/id Haiste I/ocht
Baile A/tha Cliath 2
Tel: +353.1.6612205/6618743/6618739

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