RTE Radio via ftp


11.2 - RTE Radio via ftp

The 8 a.m. RTE radio news is available by FTP, WWW, and Gopher from
The files are sound files of about 2-3 Mbytes.

This area is an EXPERIMENTAL demonstration project. Its aim is to assess the viability of making small segments of news broadcasts from RTE, the Irish National Radio service, available on the internet via anonymous ftp and the world wide web. There are currently two programs recorded: RTE Radio 1 "Morning Ireland" 8AM News (7 minutes weekdays, 5 minutes weekends) and RTE Radio 1 Nuacht (news in the Irish language, 3 minutes). The latter will be available from July 28 on, barring technical problems, and will have filenames prefixed with "nuacht_".

*** Users in the RTE listening area are asked to please use their radios; the primary aim of this experiment is to make a little bit of RTE broadcasting available to those of us who are out of range and cannot pick up RTE directly. Your cooperation in keeping the bandwidth on this server down is appreciated.

*** Australian users please note! The latest .au file can be obtained from pell.anu.edu.au ( in /pub/obrien/latest.au. It is copied starting at 1845 Australian EST Monday-Friday and usually takes 30 minutes to copy. Earlier files are *not* maintained there, and the service is "as is"; please don't complain to Eamonn O'Brien (who was kind enough to set this mirroring up) if the file has problems.