http sites


11.3 - http sites

The Stanford music archive. It also has a myriad of other links to all things Irish. First stop on your list of Irish http sites.

Fionn Murtagh's alternative Irish list, another must.

Kennys Bookshop and Gallery (of Galway, Ireland) now have their entire book catalogue on the Web.

University College Cork Home Page Includes the Thesauraus Linguarum Hiberniae project.

Trinity College Dublin Home Page
Includes the usual University information plus images from the Book of Kells, a Bank of Ireland page, Electronic Foundation of Ireland's home page and a listing of films in Dublin in the Maths department's page.

Pat Murphy's maze of twisty little passages

University Limerick Entry Point
Includes a list of some of the Web sites in Ireland, a good starting point for further Irish exploration.


University College Dublin
Including a comprehensive listing of all the IRLEARN mailing lists.

Irish Constitution

Peace Declaration

Note: Choose option [1] from the home page to get to pointers to other sites.

Don't forget there are also pages for the Irish Times and the League of Ireland soccer list.