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11.5 - Mailing lists

Finnegans Wake list: Fwake-L@IRLEARN.UCD.IE
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Celtic Linguist list: celtling@MIT.EDU
Contact: Andrew H Carnie carnie@MIT.EDU
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Irish Studies list: irish-studies@CC.SWARTHMORE.EDU
Contact: Michael Durkan mdurkan1@CC.SWARTHMORE.EDU
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Celtic-L list: celtic-l@IRLEARN.UCD.IE
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IrTrad-L (Irish traditional music) list: irtrad-l@IRLEARN.UCD.IE
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Irl-Pol (Irish politics) list: irl-pol@IRLEARN.UCD.IE
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Ireland (Mostly politics) list: ireland@RUTVM1.RUTGERS.EDU
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Irl-News (News and articles) list: Irl-News@RUTVM1.RUTGERS.EDU
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Gaelic-M (Same as Gaelic-L except for MIME support)

Gaelic-L List: gaelic-l@IRLEARN.UCD.IE
Irish, Scottish, & Manx Gaelic (GAELIC-L) (not restricted to linguistics; also for learners; contributions in a Gaelic language preferred)
Subscribe: listserv@irlearn.bitnet,
Contact: (Marion Gunn)

League of Ireland Mailing List:
Mailing list for Irish - North & South - soccer discussions,
including LOI, ROI Internationals, Northern Ireland league etc.