Ireland's Internet providers


11.7 - Ireland's Internet providers

Ireland On Line
Nodes in Galway and Dublin. Well established.
Very nice windows interface or normal internet access.
SLIP/PPP also available, no ISDN as yet.
#25 registration and charges from #10/month for up to 20hrs/month,
#20/month unlimited access for a dialup, SLIP/PPP connection.
Higher charges if you want domain names.
Phone: 091-592727 or 01-285-2700
email: [Barry Flanagan]

The main internet backbone in Ireland.
Nodes in Dublin, Cork, Galway and Shannon.
Charges #3/hr (#1.50/hr off peak).
Phone: 01-671-9361

Internet Eireann
New provider. The intention is to provide a straight no frills internet access similar to Demon in the UK.
#15 registration and then #10/month for unlimited use.
Node in Dublin.
Phone: 01-278-1060

Nodes in Belfast, Dublin and Cork.
#12.50 registration and then #10/month
Phone: 08-0232-231-0622
Note: Please email me if you have use Genesis in Dublin or Cork (

Infonet Computer Services
Node in Cork.
Phone: 021-293593

Note: Compuserve also have a node in Dublin, while not strictly Internet access you do have email & usenet feeds, as well as all the other Compuserve stuff. Phone: 01-676-8800

Try Electronic Frontier Ireland's getting on the internet page for further information